The playground is step one 
Climbing frame

The school is step two 
Climbing socially

The job is step three 
Climbing corporate ladders

I've spent my life climbing 
From the playground on the frame
I climbed the social ladder
Lived my life as a game

Hit the checkpoints, 
Got the job 
Climbed the corporate ladder
Began to jog

I got the MacBook
I got the car 
I climbed the fashion fads 
I wore the garms

I threw away so much food
And ran the water tap too long
And climbed 
And climbed 
And climbed
And as I got higher
And climbed 
And climbed
The climbing became change
And I realised 
I am climate change

I am the climber 
Letting waste drop as I ascend 
Trying desperately to pretend 
I can't make a difference 
I can't make a chAnge

I'm busy climbing here
Don't make me change

But if I don't stop climbing
Stop consuming 
Stop aspiring 
The planet will keep declining

And my climate will be changed
So now I aspire
To make change 
Not be climate change